Wednesday, September 30, 2009

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New September 2009:
Ron Ito and the Author of the Month Club – Part I (2/2/05) – Co-Lead Detective Ito testifies about his bias toward the evidence



If For Nothing But to Take a Stand (7/16/08) – The California Supreme Court denies the appeal

Justice or Just Dishonest? - Part I - Exhibit 523 (4/25/08) – See No Evil, Hear No Evil, Speak No Evil in the Court of Appeals

Justice or Just Dishonest? - Part II – Nor is Justice Deaf (4/25/08) – The Court of Appeals said what?

The Heart of the Appeal (1/15/08) – M. Gerald Schwartzbach argues for justice in the Court of Appeals

Is a Rich Man Always Guilty? (2/28/07) – M. Gerald Schwartzbach files his opening brief

Criminal Trial

The Hollywood 12 (3/24/05) – The criminal trial jury

Eye on the Sparrow (3/16/05) – Robert Blake’s Acquittal

Verdict Watch (3/15/05) – Behind the scenes while the jury deliberated (NEW)

The Right-Handed Shooter (2/25/05) – The defense theory on the shooter

God's Witness (2/23/05) – Blake "testifies" as the defense rests its case

The Golf Buddies (2/22/05) – What William Welch told Michael Thrasher

The Court Jester (2/17/05) – Criminal trial testimony of Eric Dubin, plaintiff’s civil attorney

Family Affair (2/15/05) – Testimony of Cole and Karen McLarty re: Gary McLarty

The Housekeeper (2/15/05) – What the Housekeeper saw

Shell Game – Part I (2/9/05) – Duffy Hambleton talks about taking care of business

Shell Game – Part II (2/10/05) – Duff Hambleton lies about lying

Confessions of a Snake Oil Salesman (2/8/05) – Frank Minucci and the prosecution’s ethics

The Tea Leaf Reader (2/5/05) - Can a man conjure up the past by looking into a pool of blood?

Ron Ito and the Author of the Month Club – Part I (2/2/05) – Co-Lead Detective Ito testifies about his bias toward the evidence (NEW)

The Boo-Hoo Girl (1/24/05) – The misadventures of Cody Blackwell and her wolf-dog

Lies of Consequence (1/20/05) - The Prosecution calls William Welch

LAPD Hawker (1/19/05) – Book Author, Miles Corwin, testifying about his book and his whereabouts

The Bomb Squad - Part II (1/18/05) – A box, two cops and a criminalist with a double standard

The Bomb Squad - Part I (1/5/05) – Keystone cops collect some evidence

A Cry for Help and Water (12/21/04) - Two versions of the 911 call are played for jurors

Civil Trial

The Worst Form of Vigilantism (4/10/06) – M. Gerald Schwartzbach’s plea for a new trial

Injustice (4/5/06) – The civil jury’s motives

Nothing from Nothing (2/3/06) – Blake’s bankruptcy filing

The Message (12/8/05) – M. Gerald Schwartzbach’s letter to the LA Times

The State's Conspiracy - Part I (10/31/05) – What Brian Allan Fiebelkorn knew about a third party conspiracy to murder Bakley

The State's Conspiracy - Part II (11/2/05) – The State denies the evidence

Where Deceit Hides - Part I (10/27/05) – Dianne Mattson's and others' testimony regarding Christian Brando

Where Deceit Hides - Part II (10/25/05) – The police investigation into Christian Brando


It is a Sin to Kill a Mockingbird (11/19/04) – Earle Caldwell takes the Fifth

Other Posts

Crime and Politics: Tales of the Incumbent DA (5/25/08) – LA District Attorney Steve Cooley exposed!

LAPD Reform (5/20/07) – Brian Fiebelkorn's letter to Chief Bratton

Corruption (1/2/07) – LAPD Detective Ronald Ito is under investigation

Messages in an E-Bottle (1/2/07) – How the World Wide Web played inside and outside the courtroom

Two Trials (2/24/06) – a comparison of the criminal and civil trials

When is a Murder Entertainment? (12/28/05) – The media’s reaction to a murder

Hard Evidence (12/27/05) – A summary of the physical and circumstantial evidence

Search for the One-Armed Man (10/15/04) – A comparison between the Bakley murder and the Sheppard murder cases.


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